Friday, May 27, 2011

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Like a ball of yarn....
my thoughts unwind.
leaving a mess

piled up
without form or reason

waiting for formation to take hold....
the tension of discomfort sits in the silence

but nothing happens

In My Mind...

Sometimes I feel like music just speaks to me... in a way that can't be described. The sound just begs to be absorbed into my body and transferred into motion... transformed into movement.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

In the words of Jason Mraz

"Being buried by your own thoughts and fears, especially when you know it’s happening, can feel like a burden with a rusty flat-tired wheelbarrow turned over on top of it, where spiders and snakes like to hide before they SURPRISE! you. Fortunately, surprises are inevitable and keep us from being buried, even if means enduring the venom."

Jason Mraz
-Freshness Factor

The DanceAnywhere Project, has been a process for me. A process of digging deep and soul searching... looking deep within and contemplating how dance fits within my life. Leaving the daily grind of the dance studio was hard for me, but I did it to preserve my health. The daily grind of the studio and chronic health related injuries were destroying me physically and I had to completely walk away from the studio about 6 or 7 years ago to preserve my health ------------ the DanceAnywhere project is what happened when I left the studio and began a study of dance and movement in everyday life.

Though I miss the safety that the studio walls gave me, my love for dance and movement is not dependent on being surrounded by walls and bars. Through the DanceAnywhere Project, I have been able to develop and grow my love for dance without a studio to depend on.

Quoting Jason Mraz's post, Freshness Factor, "surprises are inevitable and keep us from being buried"

I believe that the DanceAnywhere project builds on the surprises of life, the inevitable unique aspects of life that make us human. If we tap into life's feeling zones and communicate these feelings authentically, then we are awake... and will not be living in monotone.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Letting Go… Letting Flow…

Yesterday, I was thinking about how easy it is for me to get wrapped up in work and projects and forget about the joy of enjoying life and living in the flow. A yoga class and trip to the skate park made me realize how important it is to balance work with play... and how important it is to appreciate and absorb life's basic joys.

I always think of a comment I often hear in my yoga classes... "enjoy it... yoga is supposed to feel good... let it feel good".

Practicing yoga regularly over this past year has made me remember to take the time to breathe and to sit with my emotions. To let the thoughts melt away... and to listen to the feelings... to be in tune with the feelings that come up when to do lists and thought activities are taken away. I think that taking time to feel is so important to growing toward happiness and self-acceptance.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

DanceAnywhere - Live Video Clips

Since Live Video is back up, I was able to search and find that I had posted my favorite You Tube Clips on Live Video.

The channel can be viewed by clicking :

DanceAnywhere Live Video Clips

My favorite video clips can be viewed by clicking anyone of the following links below:

10 Mile Beach

On A Clif in Mendocino

Pursuit of Color

Catching my Breathe

Tears in my Eyes

Following the Waves

Searching for Flow

The DanceAnywhere Project Emerges From It's Grave

Despite Beth Fein's theft of my youtube channel Dance Anywhere, I continue to move forward with my project.

Instead of re-creating the old channel, which was smothered and choked to death by Ms. Fein, I am letting go and moving forward.

I will be posting some lost clips as well as some old clips that were my favorites. Some clips sadly have been lost, because they were uploaded directly from a camera that is no longer in use.

My first attempt at re-birthing my video project. It's rough and gritty around the edges, so bear with me :-)

Dance Anywhere's Beginning

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Open Letter to YouTube

Recently, I attempted to log into my YouTube account and was unable. An email indicated that my account was suspended. I attempted to reply, but it was returned. No further contact information was provided.

The views and subscribers I obtained were based on hundreds of hours of work viewing videos, commenting, subscribing to user channels, developing unique concepts and attending YouTube festivals in San Francisco in 2007 and 2008. I also spent money making promotional materials for my YouTube Channel, danceanywhere.

Dance Anywhere is an original concept, not based on any other project. I was the creator, choreographer and dancer. My project partner shot the videos. These videos are original works.

According to section 1207 of the Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure (TMEP), specifically 1207.01(b)(ix), weak or descriptive marks have limited protection under trademark law. Clearly, the phrase “Dance Anywhere” is merely a descriptive term of what I do and therefore protection is limited to logos and service marks, neither of which I was in violation of.

My project was the interaction of dance with nature, natural elements, and landscapes as described in my interview with anthro vlog at:

Ms. Fein’s concept is that people everywhere should dance on a specific day of the year, March 18th. This concept is clearly different from mine, which is why her trademark affords no protection under section 1207.

On an additional note, Ms. Fein, registered her trademark in 2008, after I had already been publicly using the term Dance Anywhere on You Tube, MySpace, Blogspot and on my domain,, registered in January of 2007.

Even if section 1207 didn’t protect me from Ms. Fein’s trademark claim, my usage of the term prior to her trademark registration, would offer legal protection for my use of Dance Anywhere.

Please reinstate my channel.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dance Anywhere.... my soul dances even when the videos are down

Over the past few years I have been studying movement in new forms like skateboarding, snowboarding and recently I've begun, or should I say, re-ignited an old love of yoga. Bikram Vinyasa awakened the yogi within me and I have become obsessed with the movement quality that comes from Vinyasa flow.

In classes, there is sometimes silence and sometimes music, but always a continuous play between flow and stillness. Stillness is a new concept for me, as it is the opposite of movement which has ruled most of my life.

I am currently working on capturing videos of the balance between stillness and movement, I will try to post these videos on a secondary you tube channel: as I am currently unable to post or even log in to my you tube account:

According to You Tube staff, Beth Fein, whom I believe based on the google search engine and you tube search engine, has a website called:, has tried to put a copyright claim on my you tube site.

I am hopeful that my you tube channel will be available very soon so I can share with you the new movements I have been exploring Vinyasa Flow meets Musical Improv in random places.

We'll see how it goes.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Creative Person Has to Create

"A creative person has to create. It doesn't really matter what you create."- Katherine Dunham

The past few weeks have made me realize that I have been working too much and not playing enough. As Dunham says, "a creative person has to create."

Whether it be with dance, writing, music, movement variations....

I once had a customer tell me that each day should be balanced in 8's:

8 hours of work
8 hours of play
8 hours of sleep

I looked at my work load and thought he was crazy.

Years later, I look back and think, he is right.

What point is work without play and without sleep and recovery.

As children we dream of growing up and what it is like and in my world, play was always at the end of the journey. Yet, I find myself so wrapped up in creative work projects that I often forget about creative projects that involve inner growth and self development.

I started 9 months ago, giving myself 2 hours a day to practice yoga. The goal of yoga was to learn to let go of the day. I hope this year, to do more than just let go of the day. I hope to begin embracing the day with things I enjoy and things I create. :-)

To a beautiful New Year...

We'll see how it goes.