Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Creative Person Has to Create

"A creative person has to create. It doesn't really matter what you create."- Katherine Dunham

The past few weeks have made me realize that I have been working too much and not playing enough. As Dunham says, "a creative person has to create."

Whether it be with dance, writing, music, movement variations....

I once had a customer tell me that each day should be balanced in 8's:

8 hours of work
8 hours of play
8 hours of sleep

I looked at my work load and thought he was crazy.

Years later, I look back and think, he is right.

What point is work without play and without sleep and recovery.

As children we dream of growing up and what it is like and in my world, play was always at the end of the journey. Yet, I find myself so wrapped up in creative work projects that I often forget about creative projects that involve inner growth and self development.

I started 9 months ago, giving myself 2 hours a day to practice yoga. The goal of yoga was to learn to let go of the day. I hope this year, to do more than just let go of the day. I hope to begin embracing the day with things I enjoy and things I create. :-)

To a beautiful New Year...

We'll see how it goes.